Form Ithaca

Ithaca, NY

STREAM Collaborative is consulting with Form Ithaca, an initiative to help support the ongoing efforts of the City and Town of Ithaca, NY to update land use regulations to meet the goals and objectives of their comprehensive plans. The project supports a full range of housing and lifestyle options within a framework that facilitates transportation choice, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a strong economy for the region.

Form Ithaca hosts public events with the goal of encouraging participation in order to help develop a better zoning code for Ithaca, NY. Images shown are the result of the Character Code Charrette. More information can be found at

Several articles about Form Ithaca have been published on the Better! Cities and Towns website, including: “How Zoning Reform Could Help My Town”,“Turning a Barrier into a Boulevard”, “A New Village for Compact Regional Growth“, “A Mixed-Use Waterfront for the City”“Connecting People to Jobs on the Waterfront”, and “Form-Based Codes: What’s the Deal?”

  • DATE: 2015