Perdita Flats

STREAM Collaborative is putting its words into action with Perdita Flats, a new ‘net-zero’ 4-unit residential building. The three-story structure completely eliminates any operational reliance on fossil fuels and is a precedent-setting building for reduced energy consumption in Ithaca. This is accomplished through a photovoltaic array; super-insulated building envelope; maximized natural daylighting; high-efficiency fixtures, appliances, and plumbing; rainwater harvesting; low-emissions and non-toxic natural materials and finishes; onsite covered bicycle storage; and native plantings.

The project increases density and provides housing within the city in a manner respectful to existing neighbors, and is being built by local property owners rather than a large development corporation. It is hoped that this building will stand as an exemplar of new multi-family housing that is economically viable, environmentally benign, and architecturally harmonious with the neighborhood and the city.

DATE: 2019