902 Dryden Rd.

Ithaca, NY

902 Dryden Road will be a new multi‐family townhome development on a 1.9 acre plot along Dryden Road, built around an existing duplex. The project will add twelve townhomes clustered around landscaped grounds and a central landscaped parking area. Site amenities will include a central trash and loading area, covered bike parking, landscaped grounds and open space fronting on Fall Creek.

This site is situated adjacent to Fall Creek so special attention is paid to filtering stormwater runoff from buildings and the parking area. Landscaped areas between buildings will utilize rain gardens and bioswales to allow roof drainage to infiltrate with larger areas being intercepted by a large vegetative swale and infiltration basin.

Developed by STREAM for Modern Living Rentals, this project features architectural designs, planning, and landscape design.

  • DATE: 2016

  • CLIENT: Modern Living Rentals