409 College Ave.

Ithaca, NY

The 409 College Ave. project is the creation of a dynamic new space for the offices of Student Agencies, Inc., their affiliated not-for-profit, and their student-run companies. This space will house the E-Hub, a business incubator geared to Cornell students. STREAM Collaborative's design retains the current building uses while renovating the lobby, facade, 2nd, and 3rd stories. Facilities will include open office space with areas of both fixed and movable furniture, meeting rooms of various sizes, business support spaces for printing and communication, lounge spaces for casual collaboration, and a multipurpose space for gatherings, lectures and other educational and networking events. In considering the façade re-design, a balance had to be struck between creating more openness while respecting the positive attributes of the existing façade.

  • DATE: 2016