201 N. Aurora St

Ithaca, NY

STREAM has prepared preliminary sketch plans for a 6 story mixed-use building at the corner of North Aurora and Seneca Streets.

Seneca and Aurora is the first place traffic stops on its way into downtown, so this corner is a significant part of the initial impression visitors from the East have of the central business district. It is the intention of the proposed project to extend the open, active character of the Aurora Street streetscape around the block, enhancing the pedestrian experience at this key gateway to downtown. Currently, the streetscape along North Aurora is quite pleasant, with active glazed storefronts and a continuous façade. Recessed entries, outdoor dining, and a cornice at the second floor level give the façade an intimate scale, a characteristic which STREAM intends to preserve with this project.

By completing numerous studies in form and local characteristics, STREAM has developed conceptual designs to demonstrate the developer's intention to bring more housing downtown while respecting the traditional urban form and creating visual interest through artful façade composition. 

  • DATE: 2016