Tiny Timber Homes

Ithaca, NY 

After coming up with the basic design and construction details, Buzz Dolph approached Noah Demarest of STREAM Collaborative. Noah helped work through design issues and helped make sure the new buildings would meet code. It was during these meetings that Noah and Buzz began to realize that they were onto something bigger than the original four rental units for Buzz and Nancy. They saw that there was a unique product in front of them. Tiny Timber came to life. Noah and Buzz are working on 4 different models of small post and beam homes ranging in size from 500 sq ft to 1,100 sq ft. Their plan is to market these homes as kits and sell them through approved local builders who can then erect them. Kits will also be available for homeowner construction, keeping in mind that heavy machinery and know-how are needed to build a Tiny Timber home.

For more information please visit the Tiny Timber Website

  • CLIENT: Buzz and Nancy Dolph

  • DATE: 2016

  • SIZE: 500 - 1,100 sf

  • SERVICES: Architectural