228 W. Spencer St.

Ithaca, NY

228 W. Spencer Street was developed by Noah Demarest and Ed Cope as a demonstration of best practices for compact urban living in the most efficient way possible. The land was purchased by Ed Cope, founder of PPM Homes, who teamed up with architect Noah Demarest, Principal of STREAM Collaborative, to develop the only new owner-occupied single family home in the entire City of Ithaca.

This ambitious project was taken on by the development partners as a labor of love to learn, practice and teach the principles of constructing green buildings in an urban context. The development partners were joined by Jen Demarest, who served as general contractor, project manager, tile setter, hardwood floor installer, pumpkin muffin maker, and so much more! Kyle Waller from PPM Homes also lent a hand with many coordination issues and tools to borrow.

The home's shell was constructed by Ironwood Builders, Ithaca's premier green builders, who collaborated with the architects to develop the best details for the thermal envelope and also performed the acrobatic task of installing siding and trim on this hillside tower.

  • DATE: 2016