304 Hector St.

Front Perspective.jpg

Ithaca, NY

This three bedroom two bath design for Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services was designed by STREAM as a new LEED home for Ithaca's West Hill community. Designed with the look of a classic "Four Square" but with a simple L shaped foundation allows for additional ground floor living space and integrated covered side porch. The form, materials and fenestration are all consistent with the character of homes found on West Hill but the construction techniques include modern energy efficiency practices to add to the long term affordability.

  • DATE: 2014
  • CLIENT: Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services

24 Dart Dr.

Ithaca, NY

This was a simple but somewhat challenging basement remodeling project for two retired Cornell faculty members. The space was intended to accommodate many of their files from the former campus offices and also create more space for the two retirees who would be spending much more time at home and really wanted to stay in Ithaca. They felt it would be better to invest in their existing home rather than start fresh. In many ways though we were able to create an exciting and fresh space in what was previously the damp and cluttered basement of the mid-century split level ranch. We added new enlarged windows and carefully located space dividers to conceal structure and HVAC equipment.

  • DATE: 2014
  • BUILDER: Warren Currier

948 E. State St.

Ithaca, NY

STREAM Collaborative designed an addition and expansion to an existing colonial house. Because the residence was built in 1914 effort was taken to incorporate traditional detailing. Work included renovation of the kitchen and dining room with a new master bedroom suite on the second floor.  Other work also included replacement of an old detached garage and new retaining walls and patio. 


714 N. Aurora St.

Ithaca, NY

This classic Fall Creek home was purchased by a wonderful family seeking the sense of close-knit walkable community. The owners previously lived in a beautiful home in Cayuga Heights, which included a significant renovation and adaptation of the basement level to accommodate their two daughters with special needs and 24 hour live in nursing care. Their Cayuga Heights home felt segregated with the parents upstairs and the girls confined to the lower level. The opportunity to integrate the girl's dedicated space on the same level of the new Fall Creek home was a driving factor of the project. The project required careful consideration for ceiling mounted tracks and other special equipment. Included in the project was a main level addition and new kitchen along with a reconfiguration of some of the second floor bedrooms to create a master suite.

228 W. Spencer St.

Ithaca, NY

228 W. Spencer Street was developed by Noah Demarest and Ed Cope as a demonstration of best practices for compact urban living in the most efficient way possible. The land was purchased by Ed Cope, founder of PPM Homes, who teamed up with architect Noah Demarest, Principal of STREAM Collaborative, to develop the only new owner-occupied single family home in the entire City of Ithaca.

This ambitious project was taken on by the development partners as a labor of love to learn, practice and teach the principles of constructing green buildings in an urban context. The development partners were joined by Jen Demarest, who served as general contractor, project manager, tile setter, hardwood floor installer, pumpkin muffin maker, and so much more! Kyle Waller from PPM Homes also lent a hand with many coordination issues and tools to borrow.

The home's shell was constructed by Ironwood Builders, Ithaca's premier green builders, who collaborated with the architects to develop the best details for the thermal envelope and also performed the acrobatic task of installing siding and trim on this hillside tower.

  • DATE: 2016

Tiny Timber Homes

Ithaca, NY 

After coming up with the basic design and construction details, Buzz Dolph approached Noah Demarest of STREAM Collaborative. Noah helped work through design issues and helped make sure the new buildings would meet code. It was during these meetings that Noah and Buzz began to realize that they were onto something bigger than the original four rental units for Buzz and Nancy. They saw that there was a unique product in front of them. Tiny Timber came to life. Noah and Buzz are working on 4 different models of small post and beam homes ranging in size from 500 sq ft to 1,100 sq ft. Their plan is to market these homes as kits and sell them through approved local builders who can then erect them. Kits will also be available for homeowner construction, keeping in mind that heavy machinery and know-how are needed to build a Tiny Timber home.

For more information please visit the Tiny Timber Website

  • CLIENT: Buzz and Nancy Dolph
  • DATE: 2016
  • SIZE: 500 - 1,100 sf
  • SERVICES: Architectural

Gaylord-Petzoldt Residence

Phelps, NY

STREAM Collaborative co-designed and detailed this highly energy efficient single family home in collaboration with Brent and Diana Katzmann of Balance Studio. The home features an earth-bermed Superior Wall foundation with insulated slab, dense-packed cellulose roof/ceiling and sun tubes. Heated with passive solar shades and a small wood stove, the home features interior finishes made from wood harvested on-site.

Belle Sherman Cottages


Ithaca, NY

Noah Demarest (as a Senior Landscape Architect for Trowbridge Wolf Michaels) led the site design and municipal approvals process for a 29 unit LEED ND (pending) residential development of Belle Sherman Cottages by Agora Homes and Development. The project is within the Town of Ithaca but it is immdediately adjacent to the City of Ithaca’s Belle Sherman neighborhood to the west and the Eastway Recreation trail to the east.

The project included a zoning amendment to allow the level of density sought and a state variance for fire separation distance. The units are modular construction with traditional detailing to fit with the neighborhood context. Noah provided illustrations of all of the homes including elevations, perspectives, and floor plans for the approvals process as well final marketing materials included in printed brochures and online.

The project is currently under construction with the model home complete and several other lots in progress. More information at www.belleshermancottages.com

  • CLIENT: Agora Homes & Development
  • DATE: 2012

Fox–Zifchock Residence

Ithaca, NY

A concrete cube fallen from the sky and landing on the edge of a ravine in Ithaca, NY. A very simple and modestly-sized 1500sf contemporary home, designed in collaboration with the homeowners.

Design intent was for a modern minimalist structure with a strong control of light, views, and air circulation between floors. The largest rooms of the house are the living room and second floor sun room, featuring floor-to-ceiling glazing on the southwest corner of the house. Bedrooms were kept to a minimal size, with an unconventional shared dressing/laundry room to store each family member’s clothing.

The program called for a chemical free home, which prioritized the use of concrete, glass and steel (no glues, no finishes, formaldehyde free wood, etc.). The wall system consists of rigid foam sandwiched between two layers of reinforced concrete giving a raw natural finish inside and out (Thermomass system). The floors are diamond polished without the use of sealants. Interior partitions and ceilings are made of magnesium board, a paperless alternative to gypsum board. All windows are made of fiberglass, rather than the more typical vinyl. The roof is made of structural insulated panels (SIPS).

Exterior site work is intended to be equally minimalist, with the natural forest floor coming right up to the walls. Initial drawings call for giant shale boulders, placed in close proximity to the glass windows, that visually dissolve into a scree mulch.

  • CLIENT: Mark and Claire Fox-Zifchock
  • DATE: 2009

Benson Residence

Lansing, NY

A small home in Lansing, NY, that incorporates just about every green technology possible: site harvested timbers, straw bale walls, insulated concrete forms, structural insulated panels, living roof, solar hot water, geothermal, and reclaimed materials- to name a few. The team applied technical knowledge of current building codes, thermal and moisture protection, and structural framing to help bring form to the final design while creating design models, and ultimately produced a set of construction documents for the building permit. Construction of this project was probably a lot of fun.

This project was done while Noah was employed with Tallman & Demarest Architects, LLP, in collaboration with Brent and Diana from Balance Studio, LLC. For more photos and information visit the Balance Studio website.

  • DATE: 2005

405 E. Marshall St.

405 Side Yard 2 2013.10.13.jpg

Ithaca, NY

This single family Fall Creek home under went a massive makeover including a modest addition of 300 SF, new windows and doors and new finishes inside and out. The roughly 15 ft by 50 ft yard was transformed with stone walls, patios and plantings.