304 Hector St.

Front Perspective.jpg

Ithaca, NY

This three bedroom two bath design for Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services was designed by STREAM as a new LEED home for Ithaca's West Hill community. Designed with the look of a classic "Four Square" but with a simple L shaped foundation allows for additional ground floor living space and integrated covered side porch. The form, materials and fenestration are all consistent with the character of homes found on West Hill but the construction techniques include modern energy efficiency practices to add to the long term affordability.

  • DATE: 2014
  • CLIENT: Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services

336 Forest Home Dr.

Ithaca, NY

One of STREAM's earliest projects was the 2012 addition to the wonderfully quirky stone home in the historic Forest Home community. The home was originally built in 1937 by a stone mason who salvaged materials from various projects at Cornell. The goal was to add a master bedroom on the second level with an additional living room space on the main level, which included an outdoor dining terrace overlooking Fall Creek. The original stone garage with terrace was in need of serious structural repairs due to years of moisture problems. The garage was fortunately salvaged in the process and would become the foundation for the new work. The objective was to use similar materials and forms to blend old with new in a seamless way while maximizing living space without changing the footprint of the home.

  • DATE: 2012
  • BUILDER: Latipac Builders


948 E. State St.

Ithaca, NY

STREAM Collaborative designed an addition and expansion to an existing colonial house. Because the residence was built in 1914 effort was taken to incorporate traditional detailing. Work included renovation of the kitchen and dining room with a new master bedroom suite on the second floor.  Other work also included replacement of an old detached garage and new retaining walls and patio. 


714 N. Aurora St.

Ithaca, NY

This classic Fall Creek home was purchased by a wonderful family seeking the sense of close-knit walkable community. The owners previously lived in a beautiful home in Cayuga Heights, which included a significant renovation and adaptation of the basement level to accommodate their two daughters with special needs and 24 hour live in nursing care. Their Cayuga Heights home felt segregated with the parents upstairs and the girls confined to the lower level. The opportunity to integrate the girl's dedicated space on the same level of the new Fall Creek home was a driving factor of the project. The project required careful consideration for ceiling mounted tracks and other special equipment. Included in the project was a main level addition and new kitchen along with a reconfiguration of some of the second floor bedrooms to create a master suite.

201 College Ave.

Ithaca, NY

The 201 College Ave. project involves the construction of a 5 story apartment building at the corner of College Avenue and Bool Street, in the Collegetown district of Ithaca, NY. As a primarily student-housing building the complex will contain 44 dwelling units with 76 bedrooms.

The project proposes four 3‐bedroom, 3 bath units, four 4‐bedroom, 2 bath units, twenty-four 1‐bedroom loft units, and twelve 2‐bedroom loft units. The mix of units can appeal to a wide demographic of potential renters, however the location is likely to attract mostly student renters. The basement level features a fitness room with windows overlooking the street-level. There will also be a basement bicycle garage for approximately 30 bikes with ramp access from a doorway on Bool Street. The space will have an air station and ebike charging stations.

STREAM is currently in development of full architectural designs, planning, and site design.

  • DATE: 2016

409 College Ave.

Ithaca, NY

The 409 College Ave. project is the creation of a dynamic new space for the offices of Student Agencies, Inc., their affiliated not-for-profit, and their student-run companies. This space will house the E-Hub, a business incubator geared to Cornell students. STREAM Collaborative's design retains the current building uses while renovating the lobby, facade, 2nd, and 3rd stories. Facilities will include open office space with areas of both fixed and movable furniture, meeting rooms of various sizes, business support spaces for printing and communication, lounge spaces for casual collaboration, and a multipurpose space for gatherings, lectures and other educational and networking events. In considering the façade re-design, a balance had to be struck between creating more openness while respecting the positive attributes of the existing façade.

  • DATE: 2016

815 S. Aurora St.

Ithaca, NY

815 South Aurora Street is a conceptual design for a new four story apartment building constructed on a steep hillside on the east side of Danby Road, overlooking the proposed Chain Works District. It will share the site with an existing cell tower facility. 

The proposed building will contain apartments primarily serving Ithaca College students. There will be an amenity room and outdoor roof terrace accessible to all residents, with spectacular views to the north and west. 

  • DATE: 2016

Reis Tennis Center

Cornell University: Ithaca, NY

Conceptual design for future renovations to the Reis Cornell Tennis Center

  • DATE: 2016

228 W. Spencer St.

Ithaca, NY

228 W. Spencer Street was developed by Noah Demarest and Ed Cope as a demonstration of best practices for compact urban living in the most efficient way possible. The land was purchased by Ed Cope, founder of PPM Homes, who teamed up with architect Noah Demarest, Principal of STREAM Collaborative, to develop the only new owner-occupied single family home in the entire City of Ithaca.

This ambitious project was taken on by the development partners as a labor of love to learn, practice and teach the principles of constructing green buildings in an urban context. The development partners were joined by Jen Demarest, who served as general contractor, project manager, tile setter, hardwood floor installer, pumpkin muffin maker, and so much more! Kyle Waller from PPM Homes also lent a hand with many coordination issues and tools to borrow.

The home's shell was constructed by Ironwood Builders, Ithaca's premier green builders, who collaborated with the architects to develop the best details for the thermal envelope and also performed the acrobatic task of installing siding and trim on this hillside tower.

  • DATE: 2016

Tiny Timber Homes

Ithaca, NY 

After coming up with the basic design and construction details, Buzz Dolph approached Noah Demarest of STREAM Collaborative. Noah helped work through design issues and helped make sure the new buildings would meet code. It was during these meetings that Noah and Buzz began to realize that they were onto something bigger than the original four rental units for Buzz and Nancy. They saw that there was a unique product in front of them. Tiny Timber came to life. Noah and Buzz are working on 4 different models of small post and beam homes ranging in size from 500 sq ft to 1,100 sq ft. Their plan is to market these homes as kits and sell them through approved local builders who can then erect them. Kits will also be available for homeowner construction, keeping in mind that heavy machinery and know-how are needed to build a Tiny Timber home.

For more information please visit the Tiny Timber Website

  • CLIENT: Buzz and Nancy Dolph
  • DATE: 2016
  • SIZE: 500 - 1,100 sf
  • SERVICES: Architectural

Form Ithaca

Ithaca, NY

STREAM Collaborative is consulting with Form Ithaca, an initiative to help support the ongoing efforts of the City and Town of Ithaca, NY to update land use regulations to meet the goals and objectives of their comprehensive plans. The project supports a full range of housing and lifestyle options within a framework that facilitates transportation choice, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a strong economy for the region.

Form Ithaca hosts public events with the goal of encouraging participation in order to help develop a better zoning code for Ithaca, NY. Images shown are the result of the Character Code Charrette. More information can be found at www.formithaca.com.

Several articles about Form Ithaca have been published on the Better! Cities and Towns website, including: “How Zoning Reform Could Help My Town”,“Turning a Barrier into a Boulevard”, “A New Village for Compact Regional Growth“, “A Mixed-Use Waterfront for the City”“Connecting People to Jobs on the Waterfront”, and “Form-Based Codes: What’s the Deal?”

  • DATE: 2015


Ithaka Terraces

Ithaca, NY

A proposed new multi-family pocket neighborhood comprised of four smaller buildings, two fronting West Spencer Street and two fronting West Cayuga Street. They will be connected by a landscaped series of stairs and terraces going up the hill, effectively creating a new pedestrian connection between the two streets. Each of the four buildings will be three stories tall and contain three dwelling units, for a total of 12 units. Pocket neighborhood developments are dense, small-scale residential projects that fit within the existing neighborhood context while offering an alternative and sustainable lifestyle choice for residents.

  • DATE: 2015

Belle Sherman Cottages


Ithaca, NY

Noah Demarest (as a Senior Landscape Architect for Trowbridge Wolf Michaels) led the site design and municipal approvals process for a 29 unit LEED ND (pending) residential development of Belle Sherman Cottages by Agora Homes and Development. The project is within the Town of Ithaca but it is immdediately adjacent to the City of Ithaca’s Belle Sherman neighborhood to the west and the Eastway Recreation trail to the east.

The project included a zoning amendment to allow the level of density sought and a state variance for fire separation distance. The units are modular construction with traditional detailing to fit with the neighborhood context. Noah provided illustrations of all of the homes including elevations, perspectives, and floor plans for the approvals process as well final marketing materials included in printed brochures and online.

The project is currently under construction with the model home complete and several other lots in progress. More information at www.belleshermancottages.com

  • CLIENT: Agora Homes & Development
  • DATE: 2012